Welcome to the online portfolio of web designer/developer Ben Martin!

You can get in touch with me by using the contact form at the bottom of this page, or you can head over to my contact page for more details.

To read a bit about me, and the history of Ben Martin Studios, check out the about page.

Feel free to browse around the site; you can check out some of the works in my portfolio - I’ve got samples of my web design projects, my web development projects, my wallpaper designs, and even some of my earliest digital works (from back when I was a beginner!).

I develop plugins and web scripts to add great features to websites. They are really easy to use, extremely customizable, and as with all of my work, they are of the highest quality. You can check them out over at CodeCanyon.

If you are interested in custom development, please contact me using the contact form at the bottom of this page, or head on over to the contact page for more details.

Some of my latest work includes:

jTour: Multipage Website Tour Engine thumbnail

jTour: Multipage Website Tour Engine

jTour is a professional, multipage website tour engine built using jQuery. It provides a clean and simple way to show users around your website and is really easy to configure – tours can even span multiple pages!

You can have multiple tours on the same page (though only one running at once), the message box is 100% customizable through CSS classes, and you can autostart the tour when the page is loaded or embed a hyperlink in the page to begin – it’s your choice!

jTour requires jQuery 1.3 or greater as well as the jQuery scrollTo plugin.

jTour is compatible with all major browsers, including: IE7 , IE8, IE9 +, Firefox 2.0 – 5.0+, Chrome, Safari 4-5+, Opera 10+. jTour does work in IE6 , but it will require some different styling (IE6 styles are not included).

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jQuery Price Calculator Pro thumbnail

jQuery Price Calculator Pro

jQuery Price Calculator Pro is a clean, simple, progressive price calculator script which allows you to add a running total to an order form, giving your customers a precise idea of how much their configuration will cost.

It works with radio buttons, checkboxes, drop downs (select), text areas, text inputs, and new in v1.1 it also works with jQuery UI Sliders! You can configure the total price box to float at the top of the screen, always staying in view, as well as the signs before and after the price (i.e. taking '5' -> '$5 USD', '$5 AUD', or '$5 NZD', etc.).

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JN’s Race Products thumbnail

JN’s Race Products


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EKV Plumbing Services thumbnail

EKV Plumbing Services


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